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The KEMPER Group is a technology leader in welding smoke extraction. KEMPER solutions represent safe, clean and efficient work in metalworking. With more than 35 years of industry experience, KEMPER has built core competencies in welding smoke extraction, storage technology and personnel occupational safety. This makes KEMPER the German pioneer of extraction technology in metalworking and processing.KEMPER offers high quality geared to the needs of its partners: legal certainty with occupational safety and environmental regulations as well as process and outcome security with optimized manufacturing processes in all markets worldwide. KEMPER also understands that extraction and filtration systems must be flexible, reliable and sturdy for the metal industry. So at KEMPER, all products have always been manufactured using high-quality components to meet their own standards of quality.The KEMPER Group is a family enterprise with headquarters in Westphalian town of Vreden. The product groups include extraction and filtration equipment, industrial safety as well as storage and automation technology. KEMPER was founded in 1977 and has approximately 300 employees today.